At Beyond Boxing, you will either train to become a fighter or just simply train like one. But we are much more than just boxing. People from all walks of life come to us for personal training services, health and wellness consultations, or just simply a rewarding workout.

Train with us and you can expect improvement in your fitness level, fat loss, increased lean body mass, a better physique, better self-defense knowledge, increased self-confidence and much more.

All of our coaching staff / trainers are certified and experienced professionals in various specialties including boxing, Muay Thai, high-performance strength and conditioning, wrestling, ground fighting and more. With no-nonsense but highly enjoyable training at reasonable fee, Beyond Boxing represents one of the best values available out there today.

Train like the pros
Our studio is fully-equipped with a variety of heavy bags, speed bags, focus pads, kicking shields and more. And with our certified and experienced coaches, your training is guaranteed top-notch.

Affordable personal training
Reach your goals and see results faster with one-on-one and small-group personal training available at our North Burnaby gym as well as off-site at your home or training facility.

Friendly atmosphere
Workout in a non-threatening and friendly atmosphere. Meet great people who are all here for the same reason as you: to train hard and have a hell of a good time!


North Burnaby
5552 Hastings Street
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