Punching is not just swinging your arm wildly through the air and hoping you connect with your target. It may look easy, but it takes practice and proper form to master how to punch, especially if you want to punch hard. Here are five tips on how you can punch harder.

Don’t Pull Your Punches

It may seem obvious, but you need to put your most into each much you make, and that means not pulling your punches. A good way to avoid doing this is to punch “through” your target. If you are aiming for the stomach, for example, do not stop your punch in the stomach. Aim through the stomach. An excellent way to do this is envisioned that you are punching the person in the back but that you are doing so through their stomach. This will help you follow your punch through all the way, instead of wasting power.

Slow Down

Remember that speed does not equal power, and that slowing down is incredibly important when first learning how to punch. Your arm will always be able to move faster than your body can, and when you’re starting out, you need to learn to match your punch to the twisting motion that your body makes when you throw a punch. Measure how fast you can throw a punch with just your arm, then take that speed, half it, and punch at that speed. You will be surprised at how much more power you can exert with your punch when you throw your whole body behind. There are a ton of exercises that you can do to get your body moving faster but until your body can move as fast as your arm then slow down to get the most out of your punch.

Note Your Distance

In a fight, there will be many opportunities to punch, and half the battle with learning to throw a powerful punch is knowing when to throw that punch at all. If you are too close or too far from your opponent, then your punch won’t have enough power behind it as you have not twisted far enough, or it will have lost momentum as you overextend. This is not just about waiting for your opponent to be at the correct distance, this is also about correcting the distance between both of you and learning what the right distance is for you considering your reach.

Use Your Legs

Your leg muscles are some of the most powerful in your body, and leaving them out of the equation when it comes to punching will leave your punches weak. Your leg muscles will help you generate more power when you twist. Make sure that you are keeping your feet grounded and don’t let your back foot lift up, as you will lose the power that your legs put into a punch.

Core Power

The almighty twist is crucial to throwing a powerful punch. Use your hips to twist into each punch and activate your core muscles as you do. This will help with your thrust and will help you land much harder punches.

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