A man walked up to a wise boxing trainer once. He said, “Boxing is a great game.” The old man looked at him with disdain and said: “Boxing isn’t a game. You play tennis and play football. You don’t play boxing.” Unlike most team sports, boxing is you alone against your rival with nothing but your two fists to fight. It is sports in its’ rawest and purest form. Boxing not only builds character, it also gives you an extremely good workout.

1. Full Body Workout

Boxing engages muscles in your entire body. From your triceps and biceps to your shoulders, abs, chest, and back. All muscles are required when you throw punches, duck, and dodge. Strong calves and thighs are needed to bob and weave inside the ring.

2. Complete Cardio

Boxing burns a lot of calories – fast. A study of the University of Cape Town found out that a 60minute boxing workout equals the cardio of running 6 miles.

3. Stress Relief

In their book “Boxing Fitness“, Clinton McKenzie and Hilary Lissenden conclude the psychological benefits of boxing. Hitting heavy bags is a great outlet for aggression and decreases anxiety. Being hyper-focused furthermore relieves stress and increases concentration.

4. Facing Fear

Boxing is pure adrenaline. It is defending yourself and remaining focused instead of panicking. We all have a fight or flight drive inside of us. But boxing teaches you to stand your ground and face your obstacles – A lesson for life.

5. Endurance and Stamina

In boxing, becoming tired means losing the game. There are no breaks and no hiding, your guard and energy need to be up for several rounds. That is why it is a great way to increase your endurance and stamina. Feel intrigued by boxing yet? Visit our Boxing Classes Vancouver!


All credit goes to Beyond Boxing