Most boxers learn how to have great defense earlier on to have better longevity in their career in the ring. Defense is a crucial part of the boxing sport, and luckily, it can be worked on and improved with time and practice. As much of a physically demanding sport as boxing is, it’s equally as demanding mentally. Predicting your opponent’s next move so you can be prepared is a full mental game.

Whether you’re a boxing pro or just starting out in the ring, adopting new techniques to improve your skills will always help. Here are five boxing techniques to help you excel:


This technique is perfect for boxers that may not be as quick on their feet or lack the same mobility as other fighters. To combat that, this boxer goes for hard hitting punches. Their punching patterns can be very predictable, however, sluggers often score massive knockouts because of the intensity of their punches. Slugger fighting allows for the boxer to force and trap their opponent with strength. 


Known as the most dynamic form of boxing, this technique combines all varying techniques into one. The boxer-puncher often works their way from the outside in to confuse their opponent. A boxer-puncher’s offensive technique is ever-changing and can quickly switch from a pressure fighter to an out boxer in the ring. A lot of power packed with each punch, the boxer-puncher has effective counter-punching skills.


An out-boxer is true to its name, and this technique is all about staying on the outside and using reach as their fighting weapon of choice. Having longer wingspans and often a taller height, out-boxers use this to their advantage and connect shots from the outside to prevent their opponent from getting on the inside. Clean punches and a detailed technique allow for this type of boxer to have a crafty technique. 

Pressure Fighter

This technique is all about releasing an ample about of punches on the opponent in the ring. Using various combinations, the pressure fighter overwhelms the opposing fighter with several punches in a short period of time. As an aggressive fighter, pressure boxers release a lot of output and less defense. This technique requires the fighter to be quick on their feet and actively mobile, which is highly effective in tiring out their foe.

Counter Puncher

This technique is praised for high-level skill, talent and nearly-infallible maneuvers. Counter punchers will have their opponent miss and fire back at them with accurate and intense counter shots. Slipping out of their foes hand smoothly, the opponent grows extremely frustrated, which is exactly what the counter puncher wants.

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