As a boxer, there are many different training regiments you can take part in outside the ring to enhance your boxing. One of the easiest and fun exercises that you can do to improve your boxing skills is skipping rope. You will burn fat, increase your endurance, and it will help you to become more agile. No matter if you are a beginner or have been jumping rope for a while, there are lots of exercises to push you and help you get the best out of your game.

Why Jump Rope
You need to do more than spar and work a heavy bag to get to the top of your game. Skipping rope helps to build endurance, encourages good balance and coordination, and helps your athleticism. Through the different styles and intensities of jumping rope, you will make gains in:

  • Aerobic fitness
  • Stamina
  • Breathing techniques
  • Power for punching
  • Agility
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Fat burning
  • Footwork

What Rope Should You Buy

While it may seem like a good idea to grab your kid’s skipping rope from the garage, that jump rope probably won’t work for you. There are many various types of jump ropes, and the length of the rope is essential for your height. While you can wrap a longer rope around your fists to shorten it, this will cause friction while you are jumping, and a rope that is too short will simply not work.
When picking out a skipping rope, you want one that is the right length. To test if it is the right length step on the skipping rope with one foot and see if it extends taunt to your armpits. This is the perfect height for beginners. Intermediate and expert speed jumpers should have their rope fall about 2-6 inches from the armpits. Here is a chart to help you pick the right size rope.

Rope Length                                                                                                                  Height
6 feet                                                                                                                              4’0” and Under
7 feet                                                                                                                              4’0”- 4’9”
8 feet                                                                                                                              4’10”-5’3”
9 feet                                                                                                                              5’4”-5’10”
10 feet                                                                                                                            5’11”-6’5”
11 feet                                                                                                                             6’6”+

There are eight main types of skipping ropes, and they all offer something different. There are beaded jump ropes, cloth jump ropes, speed jump ropes (made of PVC), licorice speed ropes (made of thicker PVC), leather jump ropes, weighted jump ropes, and digital skip ropes. A digital skip rope is a ropeless skip rope – just two handles you hold in either hand. It records your calories burned, the number of jumps, and the time you spend. It is excellent if you have trouble with coordination or do not have the ceiling clearance to jump rope at home. Beginners should go with a beaded jump rope while more experienced people can go with the weighted or speed jump ropes.

How to Skip

To perform a basic skip you want to hold the skipping rope with one handle in either hand and the rope falling to the floor behind your body. Relax your shoulders and elbows; the motion is all in the wrists. Move them in a circular flicking motion and bring the ripe up behind you in a swing and time your jump for when the rope comes around. The reason to start with a beaded rope is that you will hear a “tick” sound as the rope hits the ground and this is the exact moment you should jump. Get yourself up to 10-15 minutes of jumping rope for a great warm up.

At Beyond Boxing, we take your training seriously. You need to do more than just spar and work the bag to become a great boxer, and part of that is skipping rope. If you are interested in personal training, private training or group boxing classes in Vancouver, then contact us today and get started on your boxing journey.