It’s extremely difficult to feel confined to your home and away from the boxing gym during these times. Fortunately, staying in fighting shape has never been easier and more accessible to the internet. Beyond Boxing is committed to helping you stay in shape and continue your boxing and fitness routine at home! Our virtual, live-stream classes are offered daily to give you the workout you need. 

Our daily, one-hour workouts are easily accessible and affordable to give you access to the workouts you love all in the comfort of your own home. Our current classes are all boxing workouts, however, in the new future, we’ll be offering classes on Technical Boxing to Powerlifting and even Kundalini yoga and boot camp hosted by our highly trained instructors.

Why You Should Take Online Boxing Classes

  • Train Hard: At Beyond Boxing, we are committed to providing you with accessible tools to help you maintain or improve yourself. With challenging, exciting and rewarding workouts, you’ll put in the hard work and training as a fighter.
  • Fits You: Being at home doesn’t mean that you don’t have other priorities. We consider your busy schedules, which is why our classes are only one hour that you can power through. All you have to do is book the workout, set a reminder for the time and join us!
  • Easy, Accessible: Our boxing workouts are delivered via free and easy-to-use apps/formats including Zoom, Youtube, Instagram Live. Each of our boxing classes is only $9 per household. 

Beyond Boxing’s online, live-stream, virtual classes have a straightforward, simple sign-up process. You can book online at or on the ClassPass/ MINDBODY mobile app. For more free and on-demand workouts, head over to our IGTV or Beyond Boxing Youtube page. With daily, $9 live-stream workouts, you can enjoy the workouts you love in the comfort of your own home! 

Sign-up to get started and have access to a private link to our live streams today!