When you’re just getting started in boxing, choosing the right boxing gloves can be confusing.

Boxing gloves come in different types and sizes. Getting the right ones for your training needs is essential to keeping your hands safe and protected.

Choose the Right Boxing Gloves: Step by Step

Understand your training needs.

The first step to choosing the right boxing gloves is to determine the kind of training you’ll have. In general, boxing gloves can be classified into four types:

  • Bag gloves
  • Training gloves
  • Sparring gloves
  • Competition gloves

If you’re a beginner, you’ll most likely use a pair of training gloves. These gloves have sufficient padding. Thus, they offer ample protection for the hands.

Think of training gloves as all-around gloves that you can use for both training and sparring. However, since they are generic, they aren’t made specifically for either purpose.

That said, training gloves are ideal for novice or beginners who want to break into the sport.

If you’re an advanced level who’s preparing for a match, you’ll likely need a pair of competition gloves. These gloves are built with less padding to help you deliver stronger and sharper punches. Competition gloves are used by both amateur and professional boxers.

Determine your glove size.

After deciding on the type of gloves for your boxing needs, it’s time to determine the right size.

Glove sizes are measured in “ounces”, and they can range from 6oz to 20oz.

If you have a smaller build, you will need a lighter pair of boxing gloves. If you’re on the bigger side, then you need heavier gloves.

To get the correct glove size for you, you should take into account your height, weight, and hand circumference.

Generally, boxers who weigh up to 148lbs will most likely need a pair of 8-oz gloves. Meanwhile, those who are more than 148lbs will benefit from boxing gloves that range from 10 oz to 14 oz.

Take note that heavier gloves can slow you down. If you’re a beginner, you should focus on lightweight boxing gloves because, at this point, comfort and mobility are your primary concerns.

Your hand circumference matters too. If it measures between 6.5″ and 7.5″, you’ll do great in 8-oz boxing gloves. If your measurement falls within the range of 7.5″ to 8.5″, a 10-oz glove is more suitable.

Furthermore, hand circumferences that range from 7.5″ to 8.5″, will fit comfortably in a pair of 16-oz hand gloves, and those that fall between 8.5″ – 9.5″ will do well in 18-oz gloves.

When it comes to professional boxing gloves, your options are typically 8oz and 10oz.

Welterweight athletes who weigh 147lbs and below use 8-oz gloves. Meanwhile, super welterweight athletes who weigh 154lbs and up typically use 10oz gloves.

Try them first.

Even boxing gloves in the same type and size category can differ in terms of fit and comfort, that’s why you have to try them on before you buy.

When trying out boxing gloves, make sure to wear hand wraps.

You know you’ve got the correct size of boxing gloves when:

  • They give you a snug yet comfortable fit.
  • It’s easy to make a fist.
  • Your fingertips shouldn’t feel cramped against the top.

If you’re buying online, you’ll have to rely on measuring the circumference of your hands using fabric tape. Just let it go around your open dominant hand, just below your knuckles to get the correct measurement.

Good boxing gloves will have enough padding to absorb shock or impact. If you don’t plan on hitting the bag or doing sparring, padding won’t be a big issue.

Pay attention to quality.

Premium boxing gloves are often made with leather but vinyl gloves are totally fine for beginners.

The reason they are more advisable for novice boxers is that vinyl offers more shock absorption. Plus, they are inexpensive and are available in most sports or boxing equipment stores.

However, if you have extra money to spare, go ahead with a pair of leather boxing gloves. In addition to being so durable, leather gloves will mold to your hand over time, giving you an excellent fit.

Another thing to consider when choosing boxing gloves is their closure type. While laced boxing gloves fit tighter, they can be inconvenient to use because you won’t be able to lace them up by yourself. Gloves with velcro straps are more appropriate for boxers who aren’t sparring professionally.


Your journey to excelling in the sport of boxing starts with choosing the right boxing gloves. Always consider your training goals when choosing the right type of gloves. More importantly, take into account your height, weight, and hand circumference to get the correct size of gloves.

It’s best to try on the gloves first (with your hands wrapped), to achieve a perfect and comfortable fit.