In order to discover your fighting style, you need to go through a few steps to evolve successfully. While it can be tempting to take a shortcut and copy other fighters, the reality is that this will result in failure because someone else’s fighting style may not be the same as yours, and unless you develop your own techniques and work your way up from a beginner, you will never learn the fundamentals and basic principles all fighters should know. This means understanding the right moves and why they make more sense than others, as well as learning about the wrong moves and understanding their consequences.

The following steps will help you find your own unique fighting style:

Your Natural Instincts

Start by exploring what these are, whether it’s an aggressive approach or a passive one. This will help you see where your power lies, your speed, as well as your endurance.

Your Style Bias

It’s natural to gravitate towards the fighters you like and to start with their style. If you like knockout punchers, you will want to start working on power punches and if you like defensive boxers, you’ll want to start by learning defensive techniques. Your preferences will lead you towards your own style and this is a natural part of the learning process.

Your Opponents

The techniques of those you face in your gym will help you evolve as a fighter because their moves will force you to improve certain skills. For example, if you’re facing a fighter who runs around a lot, you will have to focus on speed, footwork, and fine counter-punching skills and develop these particular skills. You have to fight a certain way to win and your opponent’s fighting style will dictate this aspect.

Successful Patterns

Certain moves will work better for you than others and you’ll use the techniques and patterns that bring you the most success. This can be in the form of knockouts or hit-and-run style, and it's very natural and highly likely that you’ll stick with the moves that work, as opposed to coming up with new ones.

Understanding Your Body

Your body will change as you get older and you cannot push it to do the things it cannot unless you’re ready to face some painful consequences. This will cause your moves to change and you will learn to do things more efficiently. Never force your body to do techniques it cannot, even if it means giving up some of your favourite moves.

It’s important to remember that the best fighting style is always the one that comes most naturally to you and Beyond Boxing will help you figure out exactly which style that is. We offer boxing classes and private boxing lessons to anyone interested in this type of training, so if you’re in the Vancouver area and want a friendly boxing gym where you can learn and train, visit us today!