Boxing is a very exciting sport, and if you are interested in this type of training, you need to complete the right moves and drills so that your workouts are effective. This will allow you to improve your boxing skills, and you will be able to achieve your goals. One of the most important aspects of boxing is hand speed because this is what allows fighters to land their punches faster.

Hand speed will shock your opponent and will allow you to land perfect shots and clean combinations. It’s the punches you don’t see coming that will knock the opponent out, so you need to develop hand speed because this is a very important part of boxing.

The following drills will help you improve your hand speed, so make sure you do the following:

Medicine Ball Throws

This drill will improve your muscle response and core stimulation, so you will develop faster hands as a result. While it’s your hands that land punches, it is a strong core and sturdy shoulders and arms that will provide you with the power of speed. Choose the weight of the medicine ball you’re most comfortable with and hold it with both hands while standing in the correct boxing position. Throw the ball at a solid structure the same way you would throw a punch, and make sure to use the full rotation of your shoulders and hips. Throw in fast and explosive bursts as this will help improve hand speed.

Shadow Boxing Intervals With Weights

Adding weights to this drill will increase the speed of your punches. Shadow boxing is one of the most effective methods of training for boxers, and this is true regardless of your level. Not only will this drill help condition your body for punching motions, it will also enhance the speed of your punches and adding weight will increase the resistance and difficulty of this technique. Use small hand weights and throw punches as you normally would during your routine.

Punch Outs With Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are ideal because they will improve strength and speed, both of which are necessary when boxing. These bands will increase the intensity of your routine and will help stimulate the muscles that are required when throwing punches to greater effect. These bands are very easy to use and are extremely beneficial, so they must be incorporated into your routine.

Heavy Bag Intervals

This, too, is a great way of improving your hand speed, as this tool will boost your endurance because you will be working in fast intervals with high intensity for quick rounds, so you will build hand speed as a result.

The experts at Beyond Boxing will help you improve hand speed and other aspects as well. We will teach you the proper techniques and will make sure you get the most out of your workouts, so if you are interested in boxing and are in the Vancouver area, contact us today!