If you’ve always loved boxing, consider joining a boxing club, which would be exciting and fun and you can even consider teaching a class at your boxing gym later on. If this is something you’re interested in, the following steps will ensure you join a successful boxing club that thrives:

  1. Learn all about the art of boxing. Build your passion by watching videos and reading articles so that you’re informed about every aspect of this sport. There is a ton of great content online, including videos by professional coaches, so watch them and learn to see which style of boxing you prefer. If you are a beginner, it’s best to keep an open mind and to try all of the different methods and techniques so that you gain an understanding of what you like. You should also learn about the history of boxing so that you’re more knowledgeable regarding the sport.
  2. Find a friend who shares your interest in boxing and start training together. Having a friend to start at a new club is great so you can work out, run, lift weights and practice sparring with each other. You can also hold mitts for each other and hit the bags together, so go out and find a friend that shares your passion.
  3. Join different classes that the gym offers. If you are serious about joining a boxing club, you will want to see the scheduled classes that the club offers. Choose a class that falls on a day that you are usually free, so that you can commit to the club and don’t leave room for any excuses. Between classes, you can train in your backyard, garage, a public park, or at the gym itself.
  4. Get the appropriate equipment. You don’t need much to start and basic equipment will be enough. You will need two pairs of boxing gloves and some wraps, headgear, mouthpieces, a pair of mitts and a heavy bag. You can collect more equipment over time once your skills improve.
  5. Post and share your training sessions to promote the club and bring awareness to it. This is a great way of informing others about your passion and an effective way of reaching out to others who may be interested in joining. Show that boxing is a fun way of getting in shape because this aspect will generate interest and help your gym recruit new members.

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