When it comes to sports, there are a wide variety of different ones that are practiced. Every sport has their own unique equipment that is necessary to safely and properly practice the sport. The equipment used, regardless of the sport, are regularly improved upon, and new methods and technology are used. While the traditional sports such as hockey and basketball have equipment that is well known, a sport with equipment that people do not think about is boxing. For most people, boxing is not a sport that they spend great thought over. However, in the world of boxing, there is always research into how to make the sport safer for practitioners.

Boxing Equipment

The central equipment used in boxing are the gloves that the fighters wear, and this is where most of the research goes. While there is still research into training and the tools used, ensuring that the fighters do not injure each other is the ultimate goal. When it comes to the gloves, there is a long history with them and some fascinating technology behind them.

Boxing was first a sport that had competitors strip naked and fight one another. The first recorded use of something resembles our current boxing gloves were cestus that fighters wore. These were typically leather strips that were bound around fighters hands. They sometimes had metal studs or pieces attached to them. The purpose of these was to make the fights bloodier and more attractive to spectators.

The cestus evolved into boxing gloves that resemble the gloves that we continue to use today. As boxing gloves began to develop the materials they were made from, techniques used to create them, and purpose changed from weapons to tools. Instead of being devices designed to injure, boxing gloves’ purpose evolved to become tools designed to protect fighters. Padding was added, support was included, and the modern boxing glove became what we know it to be.

Boxing in Vancouver

When it comes to boxing in Vancouver, boxing gloves are mandatory for every step in the boxing process. From training to fighting, various types of gloves are used. This includes gloves designed for training, sparring, and fighting. Weights and padding change depending on the purpose of the glove but there are rare moments when a fighter does not have their gloves on.

Typically gloves using in boxing gyms within Vancouver can range anywhere from 8 ounces up to 18 ounces depending on the purpose. The weights used are decided by your coach or regulations if you are going to be fighting. When a fighter is in a fight, the weight of the gloves becomes lighter, unlike when a fighter is training where the gloves are heavier.

No matter what you are wearing boxing gloves for, boxing in Vancouver requires that fighters wear gloves for sparring or fighting. If you are interested in training in boxing or are looking for a different workout to stay in shape, then visit Beyond Boxing. We will be sure to get you started right.


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