Peekaboo boxing is very effective because it gives the fighter control over their opponent. This style of fighting will allow you to move where you want when you want, so you would be able to control your opponent and the fight, so there would be minimal risk involved.

This type of control is a luxury, and it’s a skill that is not easy to develop because peekaboo boxing is a specific style of boxing that is often misunderstood. The first thing to understand is that it takes time to learn this style, so you can’t give up, even if the process seems too challenging or takes too long. There is a proper way to implement this style, and in order to succeed, you will have to dedicate yourself fully to this philosophy, which will require you to keep your hands up to protect the chin, and your forearms must be used to protect the body. You need to learn how to maintain this position in different types of situations so that you’re always prepared when facing your opponent. It may be tempting to mimic a specific move set, but this will set you back and is not part of the peekaboo boxing style.

It’s also important that you use your unique physical attributes to your advantage and that you adapt because this will allow you to implement the peekaboo style, and you will get the best out of your fight or routine. If you have quick feet, for example, take advantage of this. Or, if you have great visual reactions or slipping abilities, use them. Part of this approach is controlling your emotions which is not always easy to do. One of the core principles of this style is that you control your emotions not just when you’re in the ring but in your day-to-day life as well. It’s also a must that you remain alert and protected at all times and that you use angles and balanced movements as this will lead to intense, ‘aggressively safe’ movements and pressure.

Applying this style will force your opponent to waste their energy on ineffective punches, and they will have to be cautious, even when you’re defending. You will be able to draw out punches from your opponents, which will leave them vulnerable to fast counters. Make sure you never give your opponent a free opening and always keep your guard tight when you move because this will allow you to block as you pressure your opponent.

If you are interested in this style and want to learn more about these techniques, the experts at Beyond Boxing can help. We will help you understand the principles of this approach and will help you train properly. We will make sure you enjoy your workouts and will help you achieve your goals, so if you are interested in boxing and are in the Vancouver area, contact us today!