Every sport has its own set of rules and regulations. If you plan on participating in a particular sport, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the rules to ensure no mistakes are being made that can put you, an opponent or a teammate at risk. Knowing the rules will also prevent you from being disqualified or kicked out of the sport.

Boxing is a highly popular sport that has been around for ages. It is also one of those sports that has many rules that come along with it. The reason is to ensure a safe and enjoyable match between two opponents.

One of the most important rules of boxing is that opponents competing in the same match must be of the same weight category. Boxers must weigh-in prior to the match to make sure they meet the correct weight requirements. This can be done anytime within 36 hours before the fight so long as it is not less than 24 hours leading up to it. If a contestant does not meet the weight requirement, they will be given a chance to try and achieve the right weight. This consists of a one hour period directly after the weigh-in during which time they can attempt to meet the right weight. If the contestant is unable to do so, they will not be given another chance for that particular tournament.

Boxing matches can have a maximum of 12 rounds, each one being three minutes long. All boxers are expected to shake hands with their opponent before the fight officially starts as well as at the beginning of the last round. In boxing, you are absolutely not allowed to hit your opponent below the belt, bite them, push them, kick them, hold them or trip them.

Additionally, you cannot use your elbows, head, shoulders or forearms to hit your opponent – gloves are used in this sport for a reason. Hitting your opponent from behind, whether to the back, head or neck is also strictly forbidden. No punches can be thrown while hanging on to the rope as that is considered an unfair advantage.

Depending on the type of fight, there are rules related to the boxing gloves each athlete is permitted to wear. This is pertaining to the weight of the glove which can be 8 or 10 ounces. If a boxer goes down due to a legitimate blow that meets the fight standards, the referee will be the one to officially count down the 10 seconds as soon as the boxer hits the floor. The referee is also permitted to separate the two boxers from a clinch during the match at which time a full step back must be taken by the boxers before they are allowed to start punching again.

Believe it or not, these are just a few of the rules related to boxing. If you are serious about learning this sport or are thinking about getting into it for an amazing workout, contact Beyond Boxing – a fully equipped boxing gym located in Vancouver – for all of your training needs! Let them be your guide as you embark on a new journey into the wonderful world of boxing.