Learn Boxing for Fitness and Self Defence

Tired of your regular gym workouts? Wish to try something different? What about boxing? With crime rising by the day, it helps to learn a few defence tactics to protect yourself. Whether you wish to become a fighter, safeguard yourself or simply be in shape, boxing is a great way to go about it.

At Beyond Boxing, we have people of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes joining our boxing fitness and training classes. There’s more to boxing than just punching people. Strength training helps boost your confidence, improve reflexes and coordination, and feel good about yourself. We offer a variety of classes for every age group and fitness level in a fun, friendly environment.

Boxing as a workout is different from boxing as a sport. The former requires a high level of fitness, agility, and athletic prowess. As a workout, boxing allows you to develop the same skills gradually without landing a black eye or breaking someone’s nose. Learn more to know why you should sign up for a boxing session.

  • Cardiovascular Boost: Cardio workouts mean increasing your metabolic activity to comfortably speed up your heart rate and maintain that pace for an hour or so. Cardio workouts at the gym do not have to be restricted to jogging on the treadmill or aerobics. Boxing breaks the monotonous gym routine and allows you to keep at it through fast-paced, focused punches, kicks, and jumps.
  • Better Body Strength: Boxing requires you to move all your body parts with strength and agility. But before that, you need to warm up with squats, pushups, planks, and many other strength building exercises
    Enhanced Reflexes: Boxing allows you to develop hand-eye coordination and enhance motor skills substantially with targeted punches. With regular training, you become faster and better in your physical coordination. It is especially beneficial for children to develop their reflexes from a young age which will serve them well later in life.
  • Stress Buster: What better way to let out steam than punching something hard without getting socked back? That’s how you are trained at our centre in Vancouver. Like all workouts, boxing helps you release endorphins and deep seated frustrations, makes you feel good about yourself, and walk about beaming whole day. Training usually involves switching between high intensity and moderate intensity sessions.
  • Feel Fit and Fabulous: Boxing is a great sport to build your body mass and muscles. You are encouraged to eat healthy which allows you to stay in shape inside out.

Learn Self Defence and Build Self Confidence at Beyond Boxing, Vancouver

A membership at Beyond Boxing is affordable and designed to cater to all fitness levels; from beginner to advanced. Our skilled trainers first assess your fitness, then advise you on the level best suited for you. They support and guide you in various specialties of your choice from boxing to high-performance strength and conditioning, personal training, self-defence, Muay Thai, and more with a variety of equipment and services to make it fun and exciting. We have both group classes and private training. Call or come by today to learn more.