Every fighter knows it is necessary to pay attention to their opponent’s body. Body punching is one of the underutilized strategies in boxing. Some of the greatest fighters in history, like Mike Tyson, were great body punchers. Fighters are strategic in aiming at the body instead of the head, as they will be able to decrease their opponent’s energy at a much faster rate.

While it is a great skill to have, many boxers are not skilled in body punching because it requires a high level of understanding of distance and defensive management. If you want to become a better puncher, keep reading to learn more.

Why Throw A Body Punch?

During a match, a well-executed body punch can take out your opponent in seconds. If you’ve ever felt a clean punch anywhere on your body, then you know how painful they can be. There’s usually a loss of breath, which causes many fighters to give up as they writhe in pain. The chances of a fighter getting up after hitting the ground from an effective body punch are very low. 

Not only do body punches deliver a victorious win, but they are an effective move that fighters can use early on to sap their opponent’s energy.

Other Advantages of Body Shots: 

  • Make opponents redirect their focus on protecting their bodies instead of their heads
  • Recovery time from body shots is much longer than headshots, and the pain will last the entire fight and even after 
  • They impair the opponent’s mobility 
  • It is a great strategy to use with a tall opponent or those with good head movement

Body Punching Tips

1. Avoid Telegraphing Your Body Punches

During a fight, you should always maintain eye contact with your opponent. Mix up your punch variation, and go for the head and the body interchangeably. Never look at the body if that is where you plan to attack. This will also be beneficial for you, as you’ll be able to keep up your defence because your sights will remain alert to your opponent’s punches. 

 2. Don’t Overcommit to Body Punches

This holds true to all punches, but body punches especially. This is because over-committing leaves you wide open to sharp hits from your opponent. It can be challenging to get in close proximity with an elusive opponent, so make sure you are strategic in working your way in before executing your combinations.

3. Increase Your Speed

Speed increases the chances of connecting your body punches. The more punches you land, the better. Whether you are a new or experienced boxer, we have the class for you at Beyond Boxing!