Boxing is a demanding sport. You need to be fast, have explosive power, endurance, and enter the ring ready to throw a punch and take one. A huge part of boxing training is working on both strength and power. You need to have strong fundamentals, and a strong base to be able to succeed and getting stronger and faster will help you win fights and get to the next level.

Strength vs. Speed

Strength and speed take very different training approaches. There are a lot of people who think that you can only have one. While many fighters do favour one over the other, the best fighters must be both powerful and fast. Speed allows you to dodge and land the hits that give you the upper hand and power gives you the ability to deliver a knockout.

Strengthening Your Body

When you start working towards a stronger body, you will want to stay away from the weight machines at the gym. Weight machines are better than nothing but what they fail to do is target the smaller supportive muscles that around the main muscle that you are working to be strengthened. What you want to do is stick to body weight strength training and free weights. Doing these types of workouts will give you better overall results and help support your entire muscle structure instead of just the primary muscles.

Chin-ups and Pull-ups

The three most important exercises that you need to start doing for strength is the pull-up, the chin-up, and the dip. A pull-up is done by placing both hands, facing outwards (overhand), slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. This is the more difficult between it and the chin-up. This strength training exercise utilizes your lats over the biceps. A chin-up will do more for your biceps as well as working your back but does not do quite as much for your back as a pull-up does. A chin-up is done with the hands closer together, hands facing inward (underhand). When you pull up, you bring your chin up over the bar.


You can do a dip from a double bar or from a bench. If you perform a dip on a double bar, you hold onto the bar with either hand and stand straight. Lift your legs up and then bend your arms slowly, taking yourself down until your arms are bent at 90 degrees. You can come up a bit faster, but make sure all the movements are controlled and not snapping. Bench dips are done by facing away from a bench and holding onto the edge with the backs of your hands facing up and then walking your feet out. You then lower yourself slowly until, again, your arms are bent at 90 degrees. This exercise works your triceps as well as your pectorals.


To incorporate speed into your motions, you have to start by practicing slowly. The faster you go, the higher the risk of injury. To improve speed, you will want to work on jump squats, push press, and power twists to make all areas of your body react quickly but with the pushing strength that you have been working on as well.

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