Boxing is an amazing sport. It’s exciting and fun, and once you start, you can’t wait to keep going. However, you may quickly notice that you don’t feel entirely confident, which is very common when you’re a beginner. If you find that the movements suddenly feel unnatural it may be because of one or all four of the following mistakes:

Focusing only on your upper body is a very common mistake. When it comes to boxing, all of the movements should use both your upper and lower body so that it feels more natural and allows you to be more powerful. Many beginners become too occupied with their upper body movements but you will quickly see that this doesn’t feel right and that using your upper and lower body in unison will provide you with more balance, keep your whole body perfectly aligned and eliminate the difficulties you are facing. It’s difficult to get the hang of it but once you do, you will immediately feel the difference.

Forgetting to use your eyes is another common mistake beginners make because they tend to close their eyes when practicing boxing routines. You need to learn to keep your eyes open because it is crucial to see the target, the time it moves and aims. You also need your eyes to watch for incoming punches and countering purposes. While it may feel natural to close your eyes when being attacked, in the world of boxing, you need to keep your eyes open to see the attacks and defend yourself accordingly. Again, this is not easy to do and will take lots of practice so that you can train your eyes and keep them open.

Attempting to train at a higher level than what you’re capable of is another common mistake that will set you back quite significantly. Never try to spar or fight above your abilities or your level because you won’t be able to learn and grow as a boxer. It’s natural to want to excel and be better but you have to stop and realize that becoming a skilled boxer takes time and will not happen overnight. Always respect your body, your capabilities, and your level; otherwise, you will get nowhere.

Forcing movements is another sure way of staying behind. You need to feel out the situation instead of forcing your moves. Do not throw jabs that hurt your elbows or throw punches that cause you to lose your balance or do any movements that result in back pain. These are forced movements that obviously don’t feel right, meaning you should not be doing them.

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