A heavy bag is a versatile training tool that is very useful because it allows individuals to complete a variety of exercises and drills. This tool will provide you with a full-body workout and will allow you to improve your boxing skills. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, a heavy bag is a must if you want to train properly because it will keep you motivated, and you will be able to train longer and harder as a result. This will help you become a better boxer, and to do this, you need to have a proper routine, which you should break down into rounds that relate to your training goals.

Heavy Bag Training Tips

It’s best to train in sets consisting of three minutes of work and one-minute rest, as these rounds will suit most boxers, but shorter rounds can be completed if you are training with high intensity. Your drills should be broken down into three main categories, including defense and attack, attack only, and conditioning. Mix a range of these round types into your workouts to get the most out of your routine.

Attack rounds will focus on increasing your speed, power, and movement around the bag and will include different rounds like hooks, head-body-head, body attacks, and short combos, just to name a few examples. These rounds will also naturally work your boxing endurance, so you will learn how to punch with balance and will know how to move to the right, which will give you an edge in sparring. Defense and attack rounds will combine defensive drills with attacks, so you will be able to develop your overall flow, head movements, and natural defensive counters. Block and counter, head movements between punches and in and out compound attacks are part of these rounds.

Conditioning rounds will push your fitness and conditioning for boxing and are ideal for fight and sparring preparation. Breathing and relaxation rounds are perfect after high-intensity rounds because they will help you recover. This exercise will help you focus on more efficient breathing during rounds and will train you to relax your posture. Low drives are good conditioning rounds for legs because the focus is on delivering punches from a low stance. Your legs will burn during these rounds, but that’s good because it’s a sign that you’re building up the conditioning of your legs. Punch-out rounds are also part of conditioning, and this is a great way to finish off your workout.

A lot of these rounds can be used on double-end and uppercut bags as well, and the experts at Beyond Boxing can help you improve your techniques. Whether you’re serious about boxing or want to learn for fun, this sport will improve your physique, and you will feel better overall. You will enjoy this sport and will see results, so if you are interested in boxing and are in the Vancouver area, contact us today!