Kid's Boxing in Burnaby, BC.

Much More Than Punching. Its Personal Development. We offer boxing training for kids in Burnaby, but we tend to groom your child’s overall personality to help them develop their moral values. Our training sessions will certainly teach them punctuality, confidence, strength, focus, unity, and discipline because we encourage them that fitness and moral values is a part of their lifestyle.


Preparing Your Child For Success In Life.

Our training can help your child achieve the strength and persistence to endure life’s challenges and make them efficient and confident enough to achieve their goals. It can also make decision-making easier for your child and give them a moral set of values that will always stay with them.

Having Fun, While Teaching Respect, Discipline, & Focus.

Your kid will not only learn boxing and moral values but also, they will enjoy our training because we have designed our training in such a way that it makes boxing serene and fun for your kid. Our trainers are also extremely cooperative, and they make sure that your kid are enjoying their learning.

What's our Kid's Boxing program all about?

Kids' Boxing and Fitness is our specialty program specifically designed for children 5 to 10 years of age. Participants will learn proper boxing fundamentals from scratch, as well as improve on existing skill sets in a friendly and safe environment. Basic fitness training such as cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility exercises are also incorporated.



Not Sure If boxing is right for your kid?

Beyond Boxing offers boutique boxing and fitness training in an intimate, friendly, and non-threatening environment. So, if you have been thinking about trying out boxing but have not, try us!

5552 Hastings Street Burnaby, BC, V5B 1R3
Phone : + (604) 809-5527


Serving Burnaby, BC, Since 2007

Unlike monotonous visits to your local gym, our boxing workouts not only make you lean and fit but also boost your confidence and self-defense skills. Beyond Boxing aims to make boxing accessible to everyone and bring the beneficial health, lifestyle, and transformation that boxing training can offer to you. Our goal is to improve YOU, whether you are boxing just for fun or you want to reach that fight weight that you’ve always wanted to get to. Our classes are for everybody.

5552 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC, V5B 1R3

Phone : + (604) 809-5527


Our Motto

Beyond Boxing offers boutique boxing and fitness training in an intimate, friendly, and non-threatening environment.

Hours of operation
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5552 Hastings Street Burnaby, BC V5B 1R3

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