What age should you start boxing?

The earlier children start their boxing training (9-10 years old), the better chance they have of developing good habits that may otherwise be lost by age 18 when compared to those who started later than 13-17 years old. Not only does boxing training help develop strong muscles, it also builds stamina due to the repetitive nature which enables one’s body to learn how best to perform under pressure. We call this “Unconscious Competence”. This is when boxing training gets to the point where it is like second nature to your child.

Getting to the point where boxing becomes second nature to your child will be achieved overtime by consistent training. So, instead, we focus on the other aspects of boxing that can be of benefit to your child such as the following:

The Focus on Personal Development

The benefits of boxing are numerous, including improved physical fitness and health. It also enhances discipline, which can help your child gain other skills such as tenacity through challenges, increased focus, and most importantly, communicating more effectively. By joining one of our classes, they get to meet new friends outside their school who share the same interests / hobbies as they do, which brings them out of their comfort zone and gives them a chance to try another positive hobby.

Physical Benefits

Boxing is a great exercise for children, especially if they are looking to build endurance and speed. It can help improve your child’s health by exercising their central nervous system as well as cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

This is particularly important if you want to teach your child the importance of physical fitness while growing up.

Mental Benefits

The intense training and stress of a boxing workout can lead to improved blood flow and more oxygen to your brain. This means your child will be able to focus better!

In addition to that, boxers find the sport to be an engaging yet happy experience. They often feel focused and energized at once during their workouts due to endorphins produced by regular exercise as well as serotonin released into the body system. The training will make your child feel rewarded every session. 

Self Esteem and Confidence Benefits

Boxing training is a great way for children to learn how they can handle tough situations when things go wrong. Challenges are a part of life, but that doesn’t always mean it’s negative. Boxing helps young people learn how to handle tough situations by getting knocked down and then getting back up again – all while building self-confidence.

Start your child’s boxing journey at Beyond Boxing in Burnaby, BC.

Boxing is a great way to get in shape, meet new people and learn self-defence. However, it can be difficult if you don’t know where to start, so we always welcome everyone at our studio in Burnaby, BC.

Our coaches at Beyond Boxing will help teach the techniques necessary for self-defence while also teach your kids the importance of practicing the same principles they learn in boxing towards their academic learning at school.

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